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Catching Babies

6 Aug

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry; I know I promised to post more often but I’ve been flat out since starting on obs and gynae!!! I’m managing to find the time to cook my healthy meals and go to the gym, but obviously struggling to type up blog entries unfortunately.

O&G is good but there is a LOT of waiting around, and I’ve been very unlucky with catching babies. Ah well, I’ll keep persisting!!


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Have you ever eaten from Salsas Fresh Mex Grill? When getting takeaway I love their bowls – and it’s pretty good for you!! I tend to avoid the rice and corn chips though ;). Anyway I love their Chicken and Veg Bowl so I decided to make my own (clean) version of it! And it is delicious!!!

Chicken and Veg Fresh Mex

2013-08-06 18.25.43

Serves 6

1 kg chicken breast – diced

2 capsicums – diced

1 brown onion – diced

1 broccoli – chopped

1 packet of taco seasoning (or you can make your own – e.g.

Fat free Greek yoghurt

Reduced fat grated cheese (I used Kraft Live Free grated cheese)


Mix chicken breast with taco seasoning and cook in a lightly sprayed frying pan

Add onion to chicken

Cook until chicken is no longer pink in the middle and the onion is translucent

Meanwhile, steam broccoli and capsicum (~3-5 minutes, depends on how you like your veggies)

Once cooked, stir veggies in with the chicken mix

Serve with a dollop of yoghurt and a sprinkle of cheese


Nutritional info: per serve

Calories: 216

Total fat: 2.2g (0.8g sat)

Total carbs: 6.2g

Sugar: 3g

Protein: 44.7g!


Only 3 more weeks left on O&G (including this week) so fingers crossed I get to catch some babies!! Looks like I’m going to have to do more night shifts haha. Hope all is well, weights are being frequently lifted, and so are your forks 🙂 x

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